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Hair by Dory

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Ever since he was a young boy, Dory has had a burning passion to help make others look their very best.

Inner Beauty Unisex Hair Salon owner Dory is eager to add new customers to his list of satisfied clients. File photo

Dory immigrated to Canada as a young boy in 1987 with his mother and father, his three brothers and two sisters. When he was in high school, Dory worked as a co-op student in a hair salon, slowly learning the ins and outs of hair styling from experienced professionals.

After high school, he spent five more years working as an assistant, helping out wherever he could, from sweeping floors to applying colours. Dory then took a one-year course to hone his skills before returning to his old salon, all the while he had a dream to one day open his own business.

That dream became a reality in 2001, when he opened his first hair salon at the corner Bank and Alta Vista.

When he lived in Ottawa, Dory often visited his sister in Orléans. During one of his visits he noticed an empty space for lease in a mall at the corner of Voyageur Drive and Jeanne d'Arc Blvd. in Convent Glen North.

Within weeks he opened a small barber shop. Three years later a bigger space became available in the same mall. Seizing the opportunity, Dory opened a new salon serving both men and women in Convent Glen North

That was in March. Since then he's managed to build up a seizable clientele which includes old customers from his Ottawa business and his barber shop, as well as new customers from the surrounding area.

When it comes to getting one's hair done, there's a certain amount of trust that needs to exist between a stylist and a client. While in many occupations that trust is built up over time, in the world of the hair stylist that level of trust needs to be established from the moment the client sits down in the chair.

Since opening the Inner Beauty Unisex Hair Salon, Dory has quickly built up a loyal and adoring clientele. .

The first thing you come to appreciate about Dory is the passion he has for his craft. He truly loves his job. The second thing you notice is the attention he pays to each and every customer. From the moment the client sits down in the the chair it's all about them.

A master stylist and colourist, Dory is constantly keeping up with the latest styles and trends. He believes that a client's hair style should suit the shape of their face while their hair colour should match their skin tone.

"I like to start with their natural colour and sometimes I will make a suggestion. A lot of times they will go along with what I suggest. I've cut hair for a long time; they trust me by now," says Dory.

Dory also believes that a person's hairstyle should match their lifestyle.

"It all depends on what they do for a living. Everyone is different, whether they work for the government, they work for themselves, or they do shift work," says Dory.

As you no doubt can tell, Dory is all about the client and while he has a loyal clientele, he always has time for new customers. Many come by way of referrals while others are new arrivals to the community looking for a new stylist.

Whatever the reason, Dory is more than happy to look after their needs and give them that stunning new look that will turn heads and draw compliments. To book an appointment with Dory call 613-834-4545.

Inner Beauty Unisex Hair Salon is open Mon. to Wed. 9:30 a.m. to 6 p.m.; Thurs. and Fri 9:30 a.m. to 7 p.m. and Sat. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Call ahead to make an appointment for weddings or special occasion outside of normal business hours.

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