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Frequently asked

What is Moments Manor Orléans?

Moments Manor Orléans is a unique retirement residence specializing in dementia care. Different levels of care are available which are tailored to meet each individual's requirements. Moments Manor Orléans has been designed to offer a variety of features to meet the needs of a specialized clientele.

Is there a lease agreement?

Each resident's responsible party is required to sign a residency agreement which clearly outlines the terms and conditions of a resident's stay. The agreement reflects the stipulations of the Tenant Protection Act and can be terminated on 30 days notice.

Are all the rooms the same size and price?

There are a variety of room sizes on each floor and the price varies accordingly. All rooms are equipped with fire sprinklers and rooms can be decorated to suit each resident's taste.

What activities are available?

A program director is on staff to organize activities. Our recreation programs are adapted to stimulate cognitive, physical, social and emotional needs and are geared towards each resident's requirements wherever possible. A hair salon, laboratory service, foot care clinic (manicure and pedicure), a dental care program and an eye doctor program are available at additional cost.

What does the monthly rate include?

The monthly rate includes three nutritious meals a day with specialized diets accommodated as required. The menus change on a four week cycle and are rotated on a seasonal basis. Snacks are also available three times daily. As well, we provide laundry and housekeeping services, nursing staff are on duty around the clock and activities are scheduled daily.

Is smoking permitted?

Our preference is to operate a non-smoking building. However, a resident who wishes to smoke can be accommodated.

What happens if the required care level increases?

If we determine that more care is necessary, we will consult with the resident's responsible party and family physician. Our management team will detail the available options and services.

Is guest accommodation available?

We welcome guests and want them to feel as comfortable as possible. For convenience, arrangements for overnight accommodation and meals can be made in advance. Friends and family are welcome at any time and are encouraged to participate in the resident's activities.

If after viewing our residence you would like to consider placing your family member at Moments Manor Orléans for a short trial period, we would be pleased to accommodate you and provide you with the information and advice on the various options that might helping in making a final decision.

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