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(Posted 6:30 a.m., April 23)
Chris Gobin charged with murder as more information learned about suspect, family

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Luce Lavertu and Jacques Gobin pictured at the recent Army Ball on April 12. Postmedia photo

Eighteen-year-old Christopher Gobin has been formally charged with first degree murder as the community tries to come to grips with the horrifying death of his mother.

Gobin appeared by in court via a video link on Wednesday. He wore a large white tank top and had his hands cuffed in front of him as he nervously glanced around the small room he was standing in. The only words he spoke was his name, which he offered in a voice that was barely audible.

Gobin was arrested on Tuesday afternoon while trying to elude police hours after he had allegedly killed his mother by slashing her throat in their St. Bruno Street home. He was caught when a neighbour saw him running through her backyard and frantically called 9-1-1.

Very little is known about the young man who was in his final year at St. Peter Catholic High School. According to students who knew him, he had grown increasingly detached from his friends as far back as September.

He's been described as "a techie" and somewhat of a computer "geek" who enjoyed playing video games.

His Facebook page is very non-descript. His last post was on Dec. 10, 2012. In an undated survey he wrote that he hated having to go to school, hated waking up to attend classes, disliked stuck-up girls, didn’t like not being able to leave class whenever he wanted and hated “every f---ing thing”, all of which would indicate an anti-social side to his personality.

His father Jacques Gobin is a career military man and part-time football official. According to his LinkedIn account, he is currently serving as a Lieutenant-Colonel with J4 Operations and is the president of the Mess Committee at the Army Officers Mess on Somerset Street. He's also an avid runner having completed three marathons and four half-marathons.

Luce Lavertu, 49, was a stay-at-home mom who enjoyed crafting and scrapbooking and loved animals. Her Facebook page is filled with shared posts from the Ottawa and Valley Lost Pet Network.

She grew up in Quebec City and was the only child of Roger Lavertu who was able to spend time with his daughter and the rest of the family over this past Easter weekend. He described Luce as her normal happy self during the visit, but Chris was quiet and withdrawn.

It appears that shortly after Gobin and Lavertu were married they spent some time at CFB Rockcliffe where she worked at the Military Family Resource Centre and the Teen Centre.

The couple recently attended the Army Ball on April 12 at the Casino de Lac Leamy, which they have done every year, and had their picture taken together, she in a long black-and-white gown and he in his dress uniform.

Their neighbours all describe the Gobins as a perfectly normal family, or as normal as any other family in Orléans. They moved on to St. Bruno Street in 2002 when Chris was only six and his younger sister was three.

In recent years, however, Lavertu confided in her friends that Chris was having issues with depression and was seeing a therapist. She often drove him to school, although according to some reports he had missed several days in the last month or so.

Those that knew him have been left reeling from the news. They knew he had issues with depression and had become withdrawn, but they never imagined he could be capable of the crime he's being accused of. Some are upset with the media for over-dramatizing the affair before waiting for the whole story to come out in the trial, assuming the case ever comes to trial.

What is known is that a family has been left absolutely devastated. A once quiet street in a quiet suburban neighbourhood has been turned into a scene from a CSI episode. Friends and neighbours have been left asking questions for which there may be no answers. A husband has been left without a wife, a daughter without a mother and both with the question, why?

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