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(Posted 12:30 p.m., May 19)
Navan country store returns to its roots

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

John Bradley, second from the left welcomes the first customer to the new Purina feed store outlet next to J.T. Bradley's Country Convenience Store in Navan. Photo supplied

Back in the day, or to be accurate, way back in the day, J.T. Bradley's Country Convenience Store in Navan used to sell animal feed to local farmers from miles around.

The practice stopped about 50 or 60 years ago, when other suppliers made the practice morte competitive and Bradleys began to run out of space.

Jump ahead 60 years and J.T. Bradleys is getting back into the feed business thanks to a series of recent events beginning with the closure of the Dancing Don's Hardwood Furniture Store next door to the main store.

In need of a new tenant, J.T. Bradley's owner John Bradley saw a potential opporunity to expand his own business when the Home Hardware store and Purina Feed outlet closed in Sarsfield.

After a couple of phone calls, Bradley retained the Purnia license and within a few weeks turned the vacant space into a feed store where feed can be purchased for a variety of livestock including horses, cows, swine and poultry, as well as cats and dogs.

The store is open for business as of Monday, May 19.

"When we heard about the situation in Sarsfield, we called Purina, they were interested in finding a new location in the area and we had the space available so we came to an arrangement," says Bradley.

"It's important for the community that they have a local spot to pick up their feed. In a way, we're returning to our roots."

J.T. Bradley's Country Convenience Store is located at 1220 Colonial Rd. in the heart of Navan.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)


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