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(Updated 8:30 a.m., April 24)
Newly formed task force to go after federal government jobs

By Fred Sherwin
The Orléans Star

A task force made up of local business leaders is hoping to convince the federal government to establish a campus in Orléans.

Despite the high number of federal government workers who live in Orléans, very few government jobs are actually located here.

According to the government’s own figures, there are fewer than 50 federal jobs in Orléans. By comparison, there are nearly 13,100 federal jobs in Kanata. Balance Orléans wants to level the playing field.

“Orleans is virtually absent on the map of federal employment campuses in Ottawa and Gatineau despite having the highest concentration of bilingual and educated citizens in Ottawa,,” says Heart of Orléans BIA executive director and Balance Orléans co-chair Jasmine Brown.

There are 134,000 federal government jobs in Ottawa and Gatineau, the largest employer in the region, almost all located in central and west Ottawa. Nearly 10 per cent on those jobs are located in Kanata.

This graphic shows the disparity in the number of workers who commute downtown every day from Orléans compared to those who commute to the east end community. ILLUSTRATION COURTESY OF BALANCE ORLÉANS

Members of the Balance Orléans task force, local business owners and private sector employees, are concerned that the new light rail transit scheduled for completion in 2022 will be empty coming in to Orléans except at rush hour in the early evening.

Currently, Orléans exports most of its workforce. According to numbers quoted by the task force, an estimated 80 per cent of commuters exit Orléans every day compared to 20 per cent who enter the community to travel to work.

“As a long-time, community builder, I have seen Orléans excluded from every federal government growth plan in the City’s history,” says Doug Feltmate, task force member and restaurant business owner. “The time has come for the Government of Canada to act now and resolve the disparity of economic development in its capital city.”

The Balance Orléans task force has received the endorsement of local city councillors including Orléans Ward Coun. Bob Monette who believes the group can be a significant catalyst for complementary development, economic growth, and job creation.

“There is good feasibility for retail, office and residential development with potential growth of the La Cité campus, a hotel and conference centre, and Petrie’s Landing – if the federal government ends the seeming bias against Orléans as a campus location,” says Monette.

Residents can provide their input by visiting the Balance Orléans Facebook at www.facebook.com/BalanceOrleans/.

(This story was made possible thanks to the generous support of our local business partners.)





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