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Orléans Ward
Bob Monette

Beacon Hill,
Cyrville Ward
Tim Tierney

Ottawa-Carleton Catholic School Board

High Schools

Lester B. Pearson Catholic High School Website
2072 Jasmine Cres., Ottawa K1J 8M5
Principal: Cindy Owens
Phone: 613-741-4525
Fax: 613-741-9593
E-mail: LesterBPearson_High@ocsb.ca
School Council Chair: Robin English

St. Matthew High School Website
6550 Bilberry Dr., Orléans K1C 2S9
Principal: Debbie Clark
Phone: 613-837-3161
Fax: 613-830-8333
E-mail: Matthew_High@ocsb.ca
School Council Chair: Debbie Duval

St. Peter High School Website
750 Charlemagne Blvd., Orléans K4A 3M4
Principal: Norma MacDonald
Phone: 613-837-9377
Fax: 613-830-7235
E-mail: Peter.High@ocsb.ca
School Council Co-Chairs:John Cochrane and Colin Lafreniere

Elementary Schools

Saint Kateri Tekakwitha School Website
6400 Beausejour Dr.
Chateauneuf, Orléans K1C 4W2
Principal: Paul Gaudreau
Phone: 613-830-2454
Fax: 613-830-3332
E-mail: Blessed_Kateri@ocsb.ca
School Council Co-Chairs: Julie Seaborn and Crystal Soames

Chapel Hill Catholic School Website
1534 Forest Valley Dr.
Chapel Hill, Orléans K1C 6G9
Principal: Deanna Perry
Phone: 613-837-3773
Fax: 613-837-1453
E-mail: Chapel.Hill@ocsb.ca
School Council Co-Chairs: Gillian Keenan and Andrea Powell

Convent Glen Catholic School Website
6212 Jeanne d'Arc Blvd.
Convent Glen North, Orléans K1C 2M4
Principal: Cindy Aldrich-Braddon
Phone: 613-824-8541
E-mail: Convent.Glen@ocsb.ca
School Council Chair: Sue Levert

Divine Infant School Website
8100 Jeanne d'Arc Blvd.
Chatelaine Village,Orléans K1E 2E1
Principal: Diane Fournier
Phone: 613-824-1060
Fax: 613-824-1061
E-mail: Divine.Infant@ocsb.ca

Good Shepherd School Website
101 Bearbrook Rd.
Blackburn Hamlet, Ottawa K1B 3H5
Principal: Patricia Morden
Phone: 613-824-4531
Fax: 613- 824-1387
E-mail: Good.Shepherd@ocsb.ca
School Council Chair: Joanne Laskoski

Our Lady of Wisdom School Website
1565 St. Georges St.
Queenswood Heights, Orléans K1E 1R2
Principal: Martine Mitton
Phone: 613-824-9700
Fax: 613-824-9010
E-mail: OurLady.Wisdom@ocsb.ca
School Council Chair: Charles Lewis

St. Brother Andre Catholic School Website
1923 Elmridge Dr.
Beacon Hill, Gloucester K1J 8G7
Principal: Patricia Phalen
Phone: 613-741-0100
Fax: 613-745-4794
E-mail: Brother.Andre@ocsb.ca
School Council Chair: Kevin Brown

St. Clare School Website
2133 Gardenway Dr.,
Fallingbrook, Orléans K4A 2M4
Principal: Lise Powell
Phone: 613-834-6334
Fax: 613-834-4424
E-mail: Clare@ocsb.ca
School Council Co-Chairs: Tara King and Jason Burggraaf

St. Francis of Assisi School Website
795 Watters Rd., Orléans K4A 2T2
Principal: Carole Parent
Phone: 613-830-3215
Fax: 613-834-5698
E-mail: Francis.Assisi@ocsb.ca
School Council Chair: Lynn Ostrom

St. Theresa School Website
2000 Portobello Blvd.
Fallingbrook South (Avalon)
Orléans K4A 4M9
Principal: Joanne Meredith
Phone: 613-837-6362
E-mail: Theresa@ocsb.ca

Thomas d'Arcy McGee School Website
635 Laverendrye Dr.
Beacon Hill, Ottawa K1J 7C2
Principal: Deborah Langdon
Phone: 613-749-2251
Fax: 613-749-3314
E-mail: ThomasDArcy.McGee@ocsb.ca



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