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Senior Boys Rugby
Cougars maul Knights, improve record to 2-1
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Colonel By's Max Adshead struggles to say in bounds during the Cougars' 17-0 win over the St. Peter Knights on Friday. Fred Sherwin/Photo

Two days after the
St. Peter Knights won their first game of the season, they were unceremoniously brought back to earth on Friday by a Colonel By Cougars side that looked utterly dominating in rolling to a 17-0 win.

Ninety per cent of the possession was in the Knights end as the Cougars kept them bottled up throughout most of the game. It wasn't until the dying minutes that the Knights finally managed to get to within earshot of Colonel By's touch line, but by then the game had already been played out.

Colonel By wasted no time in taking control of the game as they burst out of the gate to score their first try in the opening minute.

Alex Duford did most of the work before handing the ball off to Zameer Masjedee who ran unmolested across the try line.

The Cougars would score again midway through the first half off a scrum at the five metre line that was set up by free kick from midfield that managed to stay in bounds after taking a fortunate bounce.

Qusai Saleh was credited with the try, while Marc Bitar added the covert to extend the Cougars advantage to 12-0.

The Cougars came within a metre of scoring a third try early in the second half, but the Knights were able to repel the attack to keep the score reasonably respectful. A pair of send-offs, however, would make any hope of a late comeback highly unlikely, if not impossible.

Colonel By would eventually ice their victory on a late try by Bitar to make the final score 17-0.

With the win, the Cougars' record improves to 2-1 at the midway mark of the season. A win over St. Peter in a rematch on Monday, would secure them a playoff spot in what is arguably the toughest division in the city.

Cougars head coach Cam Baird said he likes his team's chances the rest of the way.

"We have a nice combination of size and speed, especially from the back end," said Baird. "We have four quality teams in the east. I'd probably give Lisgar the edge right now, but we play them again next week and we'll see what happens."

When the two teams met on Wednesday, it was the Lisgar Lords who came out on top, downing the Cougars 13-0. But the Lords barely got by the Knights 5-0 in the season opener for both teams, giving the Cougars hope they will be able to win the rematch.

(Posted 8 a.m., May 12)


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