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Roar of the Rings
Homan remains in playoff hunt with important win over Nedohin
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Rachel Homan skipped her rink to a crucial win against 2012 Scotties champion Heather Nedohin in this morning's draw at the Roar of the Rings to improce their record to 3-2. Photo Michael Burns/CCA

Orléans skip Rachel Homan entered today's action at the Roar of the Rings Olympic trials in Winnipeg needing to win at least one of her two games against 2012 Scotties champion Heather Nedohin, or three-time Canadian champion Jennifer Jones.

Two losses and she would have played herself out of the torurnament. Intead she won her first game against Nedohin to remain in the playoff hunt and her rink could conceivably end up with a share of first place if they manage to beat the Jones foursome in today's evening draw.

A deuce in the sixth end was all that separated the last two Scotties champions in this morning's game, as Homan, who is the reigning title holder, used her last rock advantage to start the game by blanking the fitst three ends. She then made a nerve-racking draw to the back of the four foot to score a point in the fourth end to take the early upperhand.

Homan forced Nedohin to make a draw against two markers in the fifth end to tie the score at 1-1 and set up the pivotal sixth end in which the Edmonton skip failed to stick around after removing a Team Homan rock on her last shot and Homan made a split off her own stone in front of the house to score two. The two teams then traded points until Nedohin ran out of ends.

The key to victory for the Hamon foursome was remaining aggresive after going up by two points while continuing to play within themselves and keeping their miscues to a minimum.

Case in point was the ninth end in which Homan and company forced Nedohin and her third Beth Ishew to make several difficult shots and only count one as a result.

The key shot in the ninth end was a raise angle takeout with Homan's last shot that forced Nedohin to have to draw to the four foot against three markers.

In the final end, Homan kept the house clean and made a wide open takeout on her last shot to clinch the win.

Homan Called the split to score the deuce in the sixth end "a great team shot".

“We had the opportunity to split, I was looking at it before she even threw her last. I knew it was there and had to hit it in one spot, and we did. It was a great team shot,” Homan said after the game.

Homan and her team of Emma Miskew, Alison Kreviazuk and Lisa Weagle must now get ready to face Jones in today's evening draw. The hometown favourite is currently leading the standings with a 7-1 record.

If Jones wins, she'll clinch first place with only one draw left. If Homan pulls off the victory, Jones will come back to the pack and set up a three way tie for first with Homan and the winner of tonight's game between Chelsea Carey and Val Sweeting.

Even if Homan loses, she will still have a shot ar a tiebreaker game as long as she beats Stefanie Lawton in tomorrow's final round robin game.

(Posted 2 p.m., Dec. 4)


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