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World Curling Championships
Team Homan improves record to 4-1 with six-end win over U.S.A.

By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Orléans skip Rachel Homan calls out instructions to her front end during an 8-2 win over Denmark on Monday. CCA Photo

Look out rest of the world, Team Homan has their mojo back. After seeing their 15 game winning streak come to an end against Switzerland last night, the Canadian foursome are back to their dominant selves after registering a pair of impressive wins over Denmark and the United States today.

After curling a lacklustre 82 per cent against the Swiss, Homan and company upped their team shooting percentage to 86 per cent against the Danes and 93 per cent against the Americans.

Rachel Homan and third Emma Miskew were especially sharp today. After curling 77 and 72 per cent respectively against Switzerland, they shot 95 per cent and 86 per cent against Denmark, and 96 and 98 per cent respectively against the U.S.

As well as Homan curled today, her opposite number in both games failed to rise to the challenge. Swiss skip Madeleine Dupont curled 63 per cent and American skip Allison Pottinger only shot 60 per cent per cent. Not that Homan and Miskew left them any gimmes.

Dupont's inability to make the high percentage shots allowed Homan to steal a point in the second, third and fourth ends after opening the game with a deuce. Homan stoled two more points in the fifth end after another Swiss miss and it was all over by the eighth.

As sharp as Team Homan was against Denmark, they were even sharper against the Americans who had an identical 3-1 record heading into the evening draw.

After blanking the first end with the hammer, they scored a deuce in the second end. They then forced Pottinger to make a diificult raise against four Canadian stones to score a point in the third end.

The game took a decided turn for the worse for the Americans in the fourth end when Pottinger's first shot against two markers wrecked on a guard. After Homan put a third rock in the house, Pottinger's attempted draw came up well short of the rings. allowing Homan an open draw for four.

The Americans did their best to keep the game within reach with a deuce in the fifth, but a come-around takeout by Homan to score three in the sixth forced the U.S. to concede defeat.

(Posted:11:30 p.m., March 17)


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