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Track & Field
Louis-Riel tops the field at East Conference track meet
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Colonel By's Jay Weng gets the jump on Bedi Ndinsil from Louis-Riel in the senior boys 200-metre final at the East Conference track and field meet on Wednesday. Fred Sherwin/Photo

The Louis-Riel Rebelles may not have won the overall team championship at the East Conference track and field meet on Wednesday, but they did take home their fair share of first place ribbons.

In fact, they won twice as many events as their nearest rivals, Colonel By, which captured the team title largely based on sheer numbers.

When the dust had finally settled on the Terry Fox Athletic Facility track, the Rebelles had won 15 events, seven more than Colonel By, which won eight events, and 10 more than Sir Wilfrid Laurier. And in the all important relays, the Rebelles won four of the eight team events compared to two for Colonel By.

Six of the Rebelles' wins came in the midget boys division. Japhet Divita won three red ribbons in the 100-metres, the long jump and the triple jump, and Jonathan Rioux was a double winner in the 1500 and 3000. The sixth ribbon came in the 4x100 relay in which they beat Ashbury College by nearly half a second.

Four more red ribbons came in the senior boys and open boys divisions. Bedi Ndinsil came home in first place in the 400 metres; Luckenson Adeya won the 800 metres; Felix Robillard won the open boys 2000 metre steeplechase; and Ndinsil, Adeya and Robillard teamed up with Vincent Moricz to win the open boys 4x400 relay.

Louis Riel's other individual event winners were Alex St-Denis in the junior boys high jump; Stephanie Lalonde in the midget girls 80-metre hurdles; and Kalie Rheaume in the midget girls 300-metre hurdles. They also won the midget girls and junior boys 4x100 metre relays.

Colonel By benefitted from a pair of first place performances by Mollie Soroczan-Wright in the midget girls 1500 and 3000 metres; and wins by the senior boys and senior girls teams in the 4x100 metre relays.

Other individual winners from Colonel By include Jay Weng in the senior boys 200 metres; Alexandra Korolev in the midget girls high jump; Nicole Minkevich in the midget girls discus; and Sophia Yang in the junior girls javelin.

One of the most impressive performances of the day was turned in by Marin Scotten from Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School who swept the junior girls 800, 1500 and 3000 metres. The Grade 10 student says she plans to drop the 800 at next week's city-wide championships and focus on the longer distance events.

Scotten's performance helped Sir WIl tie Colonel By for individual wins. Fellow Lancer Aja Penny won the midget girls triple jump. Lyrique Richardstook home first place honours in the junior girls discus and Erika Wall won the senior girls 400-metre hurldes.

Cairine Wilson also had a good day at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility. Michelle Ayotte won the midget girls 100 and 200 metres; Jadeyn Plewes captured the senior boys 100; and Dylan Jesso won the senior boys javelin.

Other event winners from the east end include Charles Sawasawa from Lester B. Pearson in the junior boys long jump; Sophie Barber from Gloucester High School in the midget girls javelin; Keira Christie-Galloway from St. Matthew in the junior girls 80-metre hurdles; and Adonaëlle Mousambote from Beatrice-Desloges in the senior girls shotput.

A complete list of the east end athletes who qualified for the next week's city-wide championships can be seen below...

Midget Boys
100-metres 1st (12.06) Japhet Divita, Louis-Riel
100-metres 2nd (12.07) Christopher Guessan, Samuel-Genest
100-metres 3rd (12.09) Gbenga Makinde, SWL
100-metres 6th (12.60) Enoc Enyeka, Louis-Riel
200-metres 3rd (25.20) Cole Dumelie, Colonel By
200-metres 4th (25.64) Enoc Enyeka, Louis-Riel
200-metres 8th (26.12) Stephane Gnago, LBP
800-metres 6th (2:25.25) Quinn Lyness, SWL
800-metres 7th (2:28.51) Tristan Huynh, Colonel By
1500-metres 1st (4:26.46) Jonathan Rioux, Louis-Riel
1500-metres 3rd (4:48.73) James Finn, Béatrice-Desloges
1500-metres 6th (5:06.63) Quinn Lyness, SWL
1500-metres 8th (5:14.50) Joshua Hutton, St. Peter
3000-metres 1st (9:50.06) Jonathan Rioux, Louis-Riel
3000-metres 4th (10:32.25) James Finn, Béatrice-Desloges
3000-metres 7th (11:15.83) Joshua Hutton, St. Peter
100-metre hurdles 2nd (18.26) Kevin Musto, Colonel By
100-metre hurdles 3rd (21.45) Thushar Ishwanthcal, Colonel By
100-metre hurdles 4th (21.50) Farid Mullally, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 2nd (45.62) Cole Dumelie, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 3rd (52.87) Maxime Chouinard, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 4th (54.29) Nathan Lau, Colonel By
High Jump 3rd (1.40m) Ola Fakolujo, Colonel By
High Jump 4th (1.40m) Ed Leurebourg, Samuel-Genest
High Jump 5th (1.40m) Nathan Lau, Colonel By
High Jump 6th (1.35m) Kevin Musto, Colonel By
Long Jump 1st (5.84m) Japhet Divita, Louis-Riel
Long Jump 2nd (5.42m) Christopher Guessan, Samuel-Genest
Long Jump 5th (4.81m) Farid Mullally, Colonel By
Long Jump 8th (4.53m) Alex Jeon, Colonel By
Triple Jump 1st (11.74m) Japhet Divita, Louis-Riel
Triple Jump 5th (9.93m) Maxime Chouinard, Colonel By
Triple Jump 6th (9.70m) Kevin Musto, Colonel By
Triple Jump 8th (9.24m) Ola Fakolujo, Colonel By
Shot Put 3rd (11.03m) George Mourad, Samuel-Genest
Shot Put 4th (10.22m) Henry Lake, SWL
Shot Put 5th (9.75m) Thushar Ishwanthcal, Colonel By
Discus 1st (29.92m) George Mourad, Samuel-Genest
Discus 6th (24.18m) Nickolas Persaud, Colonel By
Discus 7th (23.24m) Henry Lake, SWL
Javelin 3rd (28.43m) Nickolas Persaud, Colonel By
Javelin 4th (27.60m) Bryan F-Gasco, Louis-Riel
Javelin 6th (23.87m) Batuhan Karagoz, Colonel By

Junior Boys
100-metres 3rd (11.80) Jimi Aribido, Colonel By
100-metres 4th (11.96) Olivier Carrière, Gisèle-Lalonde
100-metres 6th (11.98) Charles Sawasawa, LBP
100-metres 7th (12.00) Dyovani Jeudy, Louis-Riel
200-metres 2nd (24.38) Amin Dhouib, Louis-Riel
200-metres 4th (24.63) Charles Sawasawa, LBP
200-metres 5th (24.64) Olivier Carrière, Gisèle-Lalonde
200-metres 6th (24.78) Aaftab Ratanshi, LBP
200-metres 7th (24.88) Houssein Chahrour, Colonel By
400-metres 2nd (55.79) Amin Dhouib, Louis-Riel
400-metres 3rd (56.05) Houssein Chahrour, Colonel By
400-metres 4th (57.11) Alex St-Denis, Louis-Riel
400-metres 8th (1:04.09) Daniel Lopez, SWL
800-metres 6th (2:23.21) Braedan Bellehumeur, Colonel By
1500-metres 2nd (4:28.80) Samson Abraham, St. Peter
1500-metres 3rd (4:29.08) Andre Alie-Lamarche, Gloucester
1500-metres 8th (4:45.29) Willy-Alec Baha, Louis-Riel
3000-metres 2nd (9:52.58) Samson Abraham, St. Peter
3000-metres 4th (10:02.82) Andre Alie-Lamarche, Gloucester
3000-metres 7th (10:50.72) Olivier Gervais, Béatrice-Desloges
100-metre hurdles 2nd (18.63) Eric Liu, Colonel By
100-metre hurdles 3rd (19.59) Braden Penberthy, LBP
300-metre hurdles 6th (48.95) Eric Liu, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 7th (49.74) Luke Zhang, Colonel By
High Jump 1st (1.71m) Alex St-Denis, Louis-Riel
High Jump 2nd (1.71m) Soloman Davidson, SWL
High Jump 3rd (1.71m) Kensley Eveillard, Gisèle-Lalonde
High Jump 4th (1.71m) James Lowther 99 Béatrice-Desloges
High Jump 5th (1.65m) Dyovani Jeudy, Louis-Riel
High Jump 6th (1.60m) Greg Love, Cairine Wilson
High Jump 7th (1.60m) Katley Joseph, Louis-Riel
Long Jump 1st (5.44m) Charles Sawasawa, LBP
Long Jump 2nd (5.25m) Mapendo Ngilinga de Carv, Colonel By
Long Jump 3rd (5.19m) Olivier Carrière 99 Gisèle-Lalonde
Long Jump 4th (5.08m) Dyovani Jeudy, Louis-Riel
Long Jump 5th (5.02m) Katley Joseph, Louis-Riel
Long Jump 7th (4.99m) Soloman Davidson, SWL
Long Jump 8th (4.94m) Sebastien Major, Louis-Riel
Triple Jump 2nd (11.50m) Kensley Eveillard, Gisèle-Lalonde
Triple Jump 3rd (10.82m) Soloman Davidson, SWL
Triple Jump 5th (10.52m) Luke Zhang, Colonel By
Shot Put 8th (8.85m) Amin Dhouib, Louis-Riel
Discus 1st (38.53m) Jean-Paul Musumbu, Samuel-Genest
Discus 7th (26.05m) Houssein Chahrour, Colonel By
Javelin 3rd (35.89m) Jean-Paul Musumbu, Samuel-Genest

Senior Boys
100-metres 1st (11.46) Jadeyn Plewes, Cairine Wilson
100-metres 2nd (11.57) Jay Weng, Colonel By
100-metres 3rd (11.75) Joel Roy-Couvillon, Louis-Riel
100-metres 4th (11.85) Bedi Ndinsil, Louis-Riel
100-metres 7th (11.91) Tyrell Stewart, Cairine Wilson
100-metres 8th (11.96) Ti
m Valentine, Colonel By
200-metres 1st (23.00) Jay Weng, Colonel By
200-metres 2nd (23.38) Bedi Ndinsil, Louis-Riel
200-metres 6th (24.25) Joel Roy-Couvillon, Louis-Riel
200-metres 8th (24.63) Jay Zhao-Murray, Colonel By
400-metres 1st (51.59) Bedi Ndinsil, Louis-Riel
400-metres 2nd (53.30) Vincent Moricz, Louis-Riel
400-metres 4th (54.90) Pierre-Andre K-Mawka, Louis-Riel
400-metres 6th (56.51) Luka Vukovic, Colonel By
800-metres 1st (1:59.69) Luckenson Adeya, Louis-Riel
800-metres 3rd (2:04.71) Thomas Saville, Cairine Wilson
800-metres 5th (2:05.59) Vincent Moricz, Louis-Riel
1500-metres 4th (4:24.53) Luckenson Adeya, Louis-Riel
1500-metres 5th (4:29.33) Felix Robillard, Louis-Riel
3000-metres 4th (11:41.70) Takumi Sato, Gloucester
3000-metres 6th (12:24.19) Thierry Régimbald, Samuel-Genest
110-metre hurdles 6th (20.62) Joshua Alexander, Colonel By
400-metre hurdles 3rd (1:09.58) Luka Vukovic, Colonel By
400-metre hurdles 5th (1:12.70) Del MacGowan, Colonel By
High Jump t4th (1.65m) Darius de Couvreur, SWL
High Jump t4th (1.65m) David Mwakatapanya, SWL
High Jump t4th (1.65m) Jonathan Lemieux, Cairine Wilson
Long Jump 3rd (5.97m) David Mwakatapanya, SWL
Long Jump 5th (5.70m) Oliver Ng, Colonel By
Long Jump 6th (5.57m) Jonathan Mukishi, Louis-Riel
Long Jump 7th (5.56m) Tyrell Stewart, Cairine Wilson
Triple Jump 2nd (11.82m) Jerry Dong, Colonel By
Triple Jump 3rd (11.62m) Jonathan Mukishi, Louis-Riel
Triple Jump 4th (11.39m) Oliver Ng, Colonel By
Triple Jump 6th (10.82m) Jibrel Jama, Louis-Riel
Shot Put 2nd (12.16m) Benjamin Beaudoin, Louis-Riel
Shot Put 7th (10.07m) John Kontogiannis, Colonel By
Shot Put 8th (9.87m) Pierre-Andre K-Mawka, Louis-Riel
Discus 4th (31.48m) Benjamin Beaudoin, Louis-Riel
Discus 5th (30.21m) Jake Rector, Colonel By
Javelin 1st (43.73m) Dylan Jesso, Cairine Wilson
Javelin 3rd (39.31m) Luka Vukovic, Colonel By
Javelin 7th (32.17m) Jean-Christophe Costisel, Samuel-Genest
2000-metre steeplechase 1st (6:40.45) Felix Robillard, Louis-Riel
2000-metre steeplechase 2nd (6:55.19) Thomas Saville, Cairine Wilson
2000-metre steeplechase 3rd (6:57.90) Luckenson Adeya, Louis-Riel
2000-metre steeplechase 6th (7:45.16) Quinn Lyness, SWL
2000-metre steeplechase 7th (7:55.77) Daniel Mayer, Colonel By

Midget Girls
100-metres 1st (13.01) Michelle Ayotte, Cairine Wilson
100-metres 2nd (13.31) Annabelle Gagne, Louis Riel
100-metres 5th (13.78) Aida Daoud, Louis Riel
100-metres 6th (13.89) Olivia De Couvreur, SWL
100-metres 7th (13.95) Vanessa Laporte, Louis Riel
100-metres 8th (14.18) Kajana Thompson-Waldron, St. Peter
200-metres 1st (26.56) Michelle Ayotte, Cairine Wilson
200-metres 3rd (28.74) Julianna Moore, Louis Riel
200-metres 4th (28.80) Aida Daoud, Louis Riel
200-metres 5th (28.93) Joanelle Borbon, SWL
200-metres 6th (29.19) Kaylee Day, Cairine Wilson
200-metres 7th (29.36) Jenna Reid, Colonel By
200-metres 8th (29.73) Kajana Thompson-Waldron, St. Peter
400-metres 2nd (1:04.39) Aja Penny, SWL
400-metres 3rd (1:07.75) Katelynn Cameron, Colonel By
400-metres 6th (1:09.93) Sarah Maref, Gisele Lalonde
400-metres 7th (1:10.88) Charlotte Smith, St. Peter
400-metres 8th (1:10.88) Riley Arseneau, SWL
800-metres 4th (2:50.80) Sarah Maref, Gisele Lalonde
800-metres 5th (2:51.48) Yoobin Cho, Colonel By
800-metres 6th (2:55.94) Kylen Ridyard, St. Peter
800-metres 8th (2:50.80) Milica Ristoushi, Colonel By
1500-metres 1st (5:15.40) Mollie Soroczan-Wright, Colonel By
1500-metres 4th (5:20.14) Charlotte Smith, St. Peter
1500-metres 5th (5:57.17) Yoobin Cho, Colonel By
3000-metres 1st (11:44.68) Mollie Soroczan-Wright, Colonel By
3000-metres 2nd (13:20.33) Isabelle Miron, Gisele Lalonde
3000-metres 3rd (13:20.58) Marianne Cossette, Beatrice-Desloges
3000-metres 4th (13:23.69) Kaitlin Laurie, Colonel By
3000-metres 5th (14:24.30) Tabitha Dovan, SWL
80-metre hurdles 1st (15:46) Stephanie Lalonde, Louis-Riel
80-metre hurdles 3rd (16:25) Kalie Rheaume, Louis-Riel
80-metre hurdles 4th (16:26) Tea Nurse, Louis-Riel
80-metre hurdles 5th (16:82) Emanuelle Bernard-Bédard, Béatrice-Desloges
80-metre hurdles 7th (17:61) Caitlin Lim, Colonel By
80-metre hurdles 8th (17:87) Clodine Baumgartner, Béatrice-Desloges
300-metre hurdles 1st (53:49) Kalie Rheaume, Louis-Riel
300-metre hurdles 2nd (53.85) Katelynn Cameron, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 3rd (57.18) Aida Daoud, Louis Riel
300-metre hurdles 4th (57:73) Tea Nurse, Louis-Riel
300-metre hurdles 5th (1:00.06) Caitlin McDonald, Colonel By
High Jump 1st (1.44m) Alexandra Korolev, Colonel By
High Jump 3rd (1.35m) Vanessa Laporte, Louis-Riel
High Jump 4th (1.15m) Jane Park, Colonel By
Long Jump 3rd (4.82m) Annabelle Gagne, Louis-Riel
Long Jump 4th (4.25m) Aja Penny, SWL
Long Jump 6th (3.92m) Riley Arseneau, SWL
Long Jump 7th (3.90m) Caitlin Lim, Colonel By
Triple Jump 1st (10.47m) Aja Penny, Sir Wilfrid
Triple Jump 5th (8.72m) Qiyu Zhou, Colonel By
Triple Jump 7th (8.02m) Jane Park, Colonel By
Triple Jump 8th (7.94m) Alexandra Korolev, Colonel By
Shot Put 4th (8.17m) Claire Morel, Gisèle-Lalonde
Shot Put 5th (7.95m) Kaitlynn deMoree, Colonel By
Discus 1st (23.09m) Nicole Minkevich, Colonel By
Discus 2nd (21.01m) Olivia De Couvreur, SWL
Discus 4th (19.81m) Kaitlynn deMoree, Colonel By
Discus 8th (14.88m) Meghan Young, Colonel By
Javelin 1st (29.89m) Sophie Barber, Gloucester
Javelin 3rd (21.26m) Nicole Minkevich, Colonel By
Javelin 6th (19.62m) Olivia De Couvreur, SWL
Javelin 7th (18.09m) Claire Morel, Gisèle-Lalonde
Javelin 8th (18.04m) Kaitlynn deMoree, Colonel By

Junior Girls
100-metres 3rd (13.51) Beth Fishwick, Colonel By
200-metres 5th (30.19) Sierra Smith, Louis-Riel
200-metres 6th (30.85) Laura Jarrett, St. Peter
200-metres 7th (31.07) Rolanda Ahadjitse, St. Peter
200-metres 8th (32.19) Natalya Mestern, Colonel By
400-metres 2nd (1:04.75) Beth Fishwick, Colonel By
400-metres 4th (1:06.34) Aaranya Alexander, Colonel By
800-metres 1st (2:24.67) Marin Scotten, SWL
800-metres 5th (2:55.81) Melanie Vanderpol, Colonel By
1500-metres 1st (4:56.02) Marin Scotten, SWL
1500-metres 2nd (5:00.47) Jenna Rossi, Gisèle-Lalonde
1500-metres 3rd (5:32.54) Doria Unrau, Colonel By
1500-metres 5th (6:01.01) Melanie Vanderpol, Colonel By
3000-metres 1st (10:48.01) Marin Scotten, SWL
3000-metres 2nd (10:57.87) Jenna Rossi, Gisèle-Lalonde
3000-metres 5th (11:47.58) Doria Unrau, Colonel By
80-metre hurdles 1st (11:43) Keira Christie-Galloway, St. Matthew
80-metre hurdles 5th (16.27) Reva Qiu, Colonel By
80-metre hurdles 6th (16.48) Juliana Sotomayor, Béatrice-Desloges
80-metre hurdles 8th (16.52) Natalya Mestern, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 3rd (51.20) Beth Fishwick, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 6th (53.80) Emily Dyck, Cairine Wilson
300-metre hurdles 7th (59.12) Reva Qiu, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 8th (1:02.08) Juliana Sotomayor, Béatrice-Desloges
High Jump 1st (1.40m) Lauryne Mvuezolo, Samuel-Genest
High Jump 4th (1.30m) Reva Qiu, Colonel By
High Jump 4th (1.30m) Linda Muteba, Béatrice-Desloges
High Jump 6th (1.20m) Amanda Liang, Colonel By
High Jump 8th (1.15m) Anne Guo, Colonel By
Long Jump 2nd (4.83m) Keira Christie-Gallaway, St Matthew
Long Jump 4th (4.46m) Sophia Yang, Colonel By
Long Jump 5th (4.15m) Amanda Liang, Colonel By
Long Jump 7th (3.86m) Alyssa Bourjolly, Samuel-Genest
Triple Jump 3rd (9.43m) Amanda Liang, Colonel By
Triple Jump 4th (8.47m) Sophia Yang 99 Colonel By
Triple Jump 5th (8.36m) Kailey Vezina, SWL
Triple Jump 7th (8.01m) Charlotte Laflèche, Samuel-Genest
Triple Jump 8th (7.15m) Karen Zhao, Colonel By
Shot Put 2nd (9.54m) Berthe Kapinga, Samuel-Genest
Shot Put 3rd (8.86m) Meredith Sirrs, Colonel By
Shot Put 4th (8.60m) Lara Saliba, Samuel-Genest
Shot Put 5th (8.57m) Sierra Smith, Louis-Riel
Shot Put 8th (7.82m) Ashley Heroux, Louis-Riel
Discus 1st (25.45m) Lyrique Richards, SWL
Discus 2nd (20.86m) Berthe Kapinga, Samuel-Genest
Discus 4th (19.06m) Lauryne Mvuezolo, Samuel-Genest
Discus 7th (17.96m) Meredith Sirrs, Colonel By

Javelin 1st (28.53m) Sophia Yang, Colonel By
Javelin 5th (22.39m) Lyrique Richards, SWL
Javelin 6th (21.26m) Meredith Sirrs, Colonel By
Javelin 7th (21.23m) Ashley Heroux, Louis-Riel

Senior Girls
100-metres 3rd (13.63) Sophia Schlossmacher, Colonel By
100-metres 4th (13.73) Veronique Landriault, Louis-Riel
100-metres 6th (14.17) Coleka Masama, Colonel By
100-metres 8th (14.55) Elowa Mayombi, LBP
200-metres 2nd (28.85) Sophia Schlossmacher, Colonel By
200-metres 4th (29.42) Coleka Masama, Colonel By
200-metres 6th (30.34) Erika Wall, SWL
400-metres 2nd (1:02.93) Sydney Smith, Colonel By
400-metres 4th (1:04.66) Veronique Landriault, Louis-Riel
400-metres 5th (1:06.16) Jecica Joseph, LBP
400-metres 6th (1:06.35) Erika Wall, SWL
400-metres 8th (1:10.59) Nicole Laurin, Colonel By
800-metres 2nd (2:35.45) Sydney Smith, Colonel By
800-metres 3rd (2:35.90) Elyse Alie, SWL
800-metres 5th (2:44.20) Alyssa Gaerke, Béatrice-Desloges
800-metres 8th (2:49.44) Jecica Joseph, LBP
1500-metres 5th (5:52.55) Deborah Senyange, LBP
1500-metres 8th (6:08.14) Holly Barron, SWL
3000-metres 4th (13:35.24) Holly Barron, SWL
3000-metres 5th (14:03.91) Tessah Costello, Colonel By
3000-metres 6th (14:29.28) Talia Cameron, SWL
100-metre hurdles 3rd (18.51) Coleka Masama, Colonel By
100-metre hurdles 4th (18.85 ) Caileah Forrest, Colonel By
100-metre hurdles 7th (20.30) Emily Spencer, Colonel By
100-metre hurdles 8th (20.80) Elowa Mayombi, LBP
400-metre hurdles 1st (1:15.93) Erika Wall, SWL
400-metre hurdles 2nd (1:16.98) Caileah Forrest, Colonel By
400-metre hurdles 3rd (1:23.86) Emily Spencer, Colonel By
High Jump 3rd (1.40m) Julia St-Armant, Colonel By
Long Jump 2nd (4.56m) Sophia Schlossmacher, Colonel By
Long Jump 5th (3.97m) Vanessa Chartrand, Béatrice-Desloges
Long Jump 8th (3.83m) Tessah Costello, Colonel By
Triple Jump 4th (8.26m) Vanessa Chartrand, Béatrice-Desloges
Triple Jump 5th (8.25m) Nicole Laurin, Colonel By
Triple Jump 6th (6.41m) Romina Garcia de Leon, Colonel By
Shot Put 1st (9.16m) Adonaëlle Mousambote, Béatrice-Desloges
Shot Put 2nd (9.15m) Aupont Corinne, St Matthew
Shot Put 5th (8.52m) Kamil Nicolas, SWL
Shot Put 7th (7.65m) Jessica Rajotte, Samuel-Genest
Discus 3rd (26.71m) Kamil Nicolas, SWL
Discus 7th (19.04m) Mariyam Qureshi, Colonel By
Discus 8th (18.65m) Alexandra Kirkland, SWL
Javelin 4th (24.31m) Mariyam Qureshi, Colonel By
Javelin 5th (22.05m) Jessica Rajotte, Samuel-Genest
1500-metre Steeplechase 3rd (6:14.80) Elyse Alie, SWL
1500-metre Steeplechase 5th (6:32.90) Annika Majcher, SWL
1500-metre Steeplechase 6th (6:35.82) Daisy Hamilton, SWL
1500-metre Steeplechase 7th (6:37.85) Tessah Costello, Colonel By

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