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Track & Field
Louis-Riel dominates at high school track and field championships
By Fred Sherwin
Orléans Online

Louis-Riel's Bedi Ndinsil (605) and Luckeson Adeya (590) formed one half of the school's 4x400 relay which successfully defended the title the school has held for the past three years. The other team members are Vincent Moricz and Mathieu Payant. File photo

The track and field rivalry between École secondaire Louis-Riel and Colonel By Secondary School played out decidely in Louis-Riel's favour last week as the Rebelles won 13 events to only four by the Cougars, even though both schools had 24 athletes finish among the top three in their respective events.

The Rebelles were led by Japhet Divta who won the junior boys 100-metres, and then doubled up in the long and triple jumps to join St. Matthew High School's Keira Christie-Galloway as the only triple event winners from the east end.

For the second year in a row, Christie-Galloway won the 100-metres, 100-metre hurdles and long jump, only this time competing as a first year senior with other Grade 11 and Grade 12 student athletes.

Divta managed to do one better than Christie-Galloway, joining his Louis-Riel teammates Mathieu Payant, Enoc Enyeka and Aaron Bayelanga in winning the junior boys 4x100-metre relay.

Payant achieved individual success in the junior boys 200- and 400-metres, edging out Glebe Collegiate's Isaac Gaudreau by just 11-hundredths of a second to win the latter, to give him three first place performances on the day. He would have equalled Divta's total if not for a late injury that kept him off the Rebelles 4x400 open relay team. He was replaced by Maha Ali, who helped veterans Bidi Ndinsil, Luckeson Adeya and Vincent Moricz win the third 4x400 city championship in three years

The three Grade 12 seniors all finished in the top 10 in the individual 400-metre event. Ndinsil won the race after finishing second in the timed finals last year. Moricz placed fourth and Adeya was eighth. Xavier Gervais (midget boys javelin), and Jonathan Mukishi (senior boys triple jump) also won individual red ribbons for the Rebelles.

The Louis-Riel boys were joined by a trio of girls who achieved individual success at the Terry Fox Athletic Facility. Kadiatou Wann won the midget girls 80-metre hurdles and came second in the long jump; Annabelle Gagné won the junior girls pole vaulr to go along with a pair of second place finishs in the 100-metres and a third place result in the long jump; and Caroline Poirier won the junior girls 80-metre hurdles. Gagné and Poirier also won the junior girls 4x100 relay with Stephanie Lalonde and Fatoumata Fofama.

Half of Colonel By's individual event wins were captured by Cole Dumelie who came first in the junior boys 300-metre hurdles and pole vault, equally the feat he accomplished last year competing at the midget level. Kenzo Boulou Ebanda came first in the junior boys shot put, second in the discus and fourth in the triple jump. And Colonel By's fourth red ribbon came in the senior boys pole vault which was won by Kartik Sharma.

Other event winners from the east end include Michelle Ayotte from Cairine Wilson who won the junior girls 100- and 200-metres, repeating the same feat she accomplished at the midget level last year; Gisele-Lalonde's Leewinchell Jean won the midget boys 80-metre hurdles; Sebastien Tremblay from Béatrice Desloges came first in the midget boys discus; David Mwakatapanya from Sir Wilfrid Laurier won the senior boys long jump; Olivia De Couvreur, also from Sir Wilfrid Laurier, won the junior girls discus; and Gloucester High School's Sophie Barber took home first place honours in the junior girls javelin.

In total, 65 athletes managed to qualify for next week's OFSAA East Region championships in Belleville by finishing among the top five in their event. Louis-Riel will have the largest contingent with 19 athletes competing at regionals followed by Colonel By with 16. Sir Wilfrid Laurier and Gisele-Lalonde will have seven athletes each in Belleville followed by St. Peter and Cairine Wilson with five each; Gloucester High School with four; and Béatrice-Desloges and St. Matthew with one each.

A complete list of the east end athletes who qualified for the next week's OFSAA East Region meet can be seen below...

Midget Boys
100-metres 2nd (11.49) Jonathan Agette, St. Peter
200-metres 6th (24.21) Jonathan Agette, St. Peter
800-metres 3rd (2:07.70) Stuart Jones, Colonel By
1500-metres 5th (4:24.78) Stuart Jones, Colonel By
3000-metres 4th (9:57.31) Stuart Jones, Colonel By
100-metre hurdles 1st (14.50) Leewinchell Jean, Gisele-Lalonde
100-metre hurdles 7th (16.49) Benjamin Lu, Colonel By
*300-metre hurdles 1st (42.65) Leewinchell Jean, Gisele-Lalonde
High Jump 9th (1.60m) Bradley Lemieux, Cairine-Wilson
Long Jump 7th (5.45m) Michel Nganbe, SWL
Long Jump 13th (5.01m) Jonathan Agette, St. Peter
Shot Put 14th (10.66m) Nicolas Perrier, Gisele-Lalonde
Discus 10th (29.49m) Sébastien Tremblay, Beatrice-Desloges
Discus 13th (24.96m) Bryan Sun, Colonel By
Javelin 10th (36.43m) Xavier Gervais, Louis-Riel
Javelin 11th (34.19m) Brayden Chamma, St. Peter
Pole Vault 7th (2.15m) Will Cox, St. Peter

4x100 relay 3rd (47.73) St. Peter;:Jonathan Agette,

Junior Boys
100-metres 3rd (11.42) Japhet Divita, Louis-Riel
100-metres 5th (11.70 Alban Meto, Cairine Wilson
100-metres 9th (11.85) Enoc Enyeka, Louis-Riel
200-metres 5th (24.27 Alban Meto, Cairine Wilson
400-metres 7th (53.99) Cole Dumelie, Colonel By
800-metres 9th (2:11.43) Mahad Ali, Louis-Riel
1500-metres 14th (4:38.50) Mahad Ali, Louis-Riel
3000-metres DNF Jonathan Rioux, Louis-Riel
300-metre hurdles 4th (41.50) Cole Dumelie, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 9th (43:24) Alban Meto, Cairine Wilson
High Jump 4th (1.70m) Eliezer Adjibi, Louis Riel
Long Jump 1st (6.56m) Japhet Divita, Louis-Riel
Triple Jump 1st (13.24m) Japhet Divita, Louis-Riel
Triple Jump 7th (11.83m) Kenzo Boulou Ebanda, Colonel By
Shot Put 2nd (13.95m) Oderah Pecore-Ugorj, Louis-Riel
Discus 10th (36.42m) Oderah Pecore-Ugorj, Louis-Riel
Pole Vault 4th (2.90m) Cole Dumelie, Colonel By
4x100 Relay 7th (46.34) Louis Riel; Japhet Divita, Mathieu Payant, Enoc Enyeka and Aaron Bayelanga

Senior Boys
100-metres 6th (11.46) Pierre Bedoun, Gloucester
100-metres 7th (11.47) Tim Valentine, Colonel By
200-metres 4th (23.29) Jay Weng, Colonel By
200-metres 5th (23.47) Bidi Ndinsil, Louis-Riel
400-metres 4th (51.54) Bidi Ndinsil, Louis-Riel
400-metres 8th (52.70) Vincent Moricz, Louis-Riel
800-metres 8th (1:59.19) Thomas Saville, Cairine Wilson
800-metres 11th (2:00.83) Luchkeson Adeya, Louis-Riel
1500-metres 9th (4:15.37) Andre Alie-Lamarche, Gloucester
1500-metres 12th (4:22.42) Samson Abraham, St. Peter
1500-metres 13th (4:26.81) Shane Thomas, St. Peter
3000-metres 9th (9:17.96) Andre Alie-Lamarche, Gloucester
3000-metres 13th (9:32.99) Samson Abraham, St. Peter
110-metre hurdles 6th (15.82) David Mwakatapanya, SWL
Long Jump 5th (6.36m) David Mwakatapanya, SWL
Long Jump 11th (5.70m) Jonathan Mukishi, Louis-Riel
Triple Jump 5th (13.02m) Jonathan Mukishi, Louis-Riel
Triple Jump 8th (12.29m) Kensley Eveillard, Gisele-Lalonde
Shot Put 14th (11.70m) Benjamin Beaudoin, Louis-Riel
Discus 13th (29.06m) Benjamin Beaudoin, Louis-Riel
*2000-metre steeplechase 1st (6:16.16) Thomas Saville, Cairine Wilson
4x100 Relay 7th (44.94) Colonel By; Jay Wang, Tim Valentine, Luke Zhang and Luka Vukovic
4x400 Relay 4th (3:28.94) Louis-Riel; Vincent Moricz, Luckenson Adeya, Bedi Ndinsil and Mathieu Payant.

Midget Girls
100-metres 5th (12.29) Andréanne Saint-Sauveur, Gisele-Lalonde
80-metre hurdles 7th (13.79) Andréanne Saint-Sauveur, Gisele-Lalonde
80-metre hurdles 10th (13.76) Kadiatou Wann, Louis-Riel
80-metre hurdles 11th (14.06) Brianna Lu, Colonel By
300-metre hurdles 10th (53.10) Eleni Pantieras, Colonel By
Long Jump 3rd (4.76) Abbey Jayne, SWL
Long Jump 5th (4.62) Kadiatou Wann, Louis-Riel
Triple Jump 12th (9.53) Brianna Lu, Colonel By
Discus 12th (14.91m) Sezgi Yanikomeroglu, Colonel By

Junior Girls
100-metres 2nd (12.66) Michelle Ayotte, Cairine Wilson
100-metres 4th (13.04) Annabelle Gagne, Louis Riel
200-metres 3rd (27.06) Michelle Ayotte, Cairine Wilson
200-metres 9th (28.27) Caroline Poirier, Louis Riel
400-metres 7th (1:02.73) Aja Penny, SWL
1500-metres 7th (5:05.48) Mollie Soroczan-Wright, Colonel By
1500-metres 9th (5:09.76) Jenna Rossi, Gisèle-Lalonde
3000-metres 8th (11:38.44) Mollie Soroczan-Wright, Colonel By
3000-metres 9th (11:48.19) Abigail Lea, Cairine Wilson
*80-metre hurdles 1st (12.45) Caroline Poirier, Louis Riel
80-metre hurdles 11th (13.52) Stephanie Lalonde, Louis Riel
300-metre hurdles 8th (50.68) Sierra Smith, Louis Riel
High Jump 9th (1.40m) Alexandra Korolev, Colonel By
High Jump 11th (1.35m) Lila Ndinsil, Louis-Riel
Long Jump 3rd (4.88) Annabelle Gagne, Louis Riel
Triple Jump 5th (9.99) Aja Penny, SWL
Triple Jump 11th (9.48m) Qiyu Zhou, Colonel By
Shot Put 7th (9.74m) Nicole Minkevich, Colonel By
Shot Put 9th (9.35m) Vanessa Laporte, Louis-Riel
Discus 2nd (29.02m) Olivia De Couvreur, SWL
Discus 9th (21.56m) Kaitlyn Demcree, Colonel By
Javelin 4th (31.48m) Sophie Barber, Gloucester
Javelin 8th (26.26m) Olivia De Couvreur, SWL
*Pole Vault 1st (3.00m) Caroline Poirier, Louis-Riel
Pole Vault 2nd (2.70m) Annabelle Gagne, Louis-Riel
Pole Vault 6th (2.50m) Stephanie Lalonde, Louis-Riel
4x100 Relay 2nd (52.92) Louis-Riel; Annabelle Gagne, Caoline Poirier, Stephanie Lalonde,Fatoumata Fofama

Senior Girls
100-metres 2nd (12:12) Keira Christie-Galloway, St. Matthew
800-metres 7th (2:27.21) Marin Scotten, SWL
100-metre hurdles 1st (13:33) Keira Christie-Galloway, St. Matthew
Long Jump 1st (5.45m) Keira Christie-Gallaway, St Matthew
Shot Put 11th (8.26m) Julia Hillyard, Gloucester

1500-metre steeplechase 2nd (5:14.13) Marin Scotten, SWL

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