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"The Eastender is a great resource for anyone who is interested in what's happening in Ottawa's east end."
Phil McNeely

"With the CTF, I travel the country extensively, but I can always keep in touch with my own neighbourhood and community with Orléans Online and The Eastender,"
Walter Robinson
former president of The Canadian Taxpayers Federation and a subscriber of The Eastender






The Eastender is your environmentally friendly community newspaper alternative.

Serving the East Urban Community, The Eastender is published once a week and is available for a nominal annual subscription fee of $36.

The electronic newspaper is distributed via e-mail in the form of a pdf file. Once you receive The Eastender it can be conveniently opened using Adobe Acrobat Reader and printed at the subscriber's leisure.

The Eastender is the creation of Fred Sherwin who has been covering the Greater Orléans area for the past 17 years. It is a community newspaper in the truest sense because its subscribers are "the community."

The Eastender is the perfect companion to OrléansOnline.ca. If you would like to receive The Eastender on a four week introductory basis e-mail the-eastender@Orléansonline.ca.

It's that simple.


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