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Recent column a wonderful tribute to Councillors Bloess, Monette

Feb. 14, 2014

To the editor:

Like any selfless person who really cares about his or her community, not only do I listen carefully to others viewpoints, I also read and compare those published in different news sources.

Whereas it is the case, that I have not hesitated in the past to debate the merits of viewpoints which may adversely affect friends, and or different communities, it is also the case that I only do so if the topic introduced is not perceived to be self-seving, or falsely orchestrated for purely cynical reasons.

Indeed, common sense dictates, that when the foregoing is suspected, any self-respecting individual should not only refrain from commenting, but should also try to distance themselves from such architects.

The indisputable fact is that such individuals are usually so opinionated, and so full of themselves, that they do not possess the ability, let alone the decency, to listen to other peoples' points of view, thus denying others the basic courtesy of any related consideration.

Unlike the foregoing, your viewpoint published on Jan. 19 concerning Rainer Bloess and Bob Monette is another one of many articles you have written which are noteworthy.

Rainer Bloess is one of but a few politicians who have earned and retained my respect. Your chronological exposé of Mr. Bloess' accomplishments, reflects accurately the man's passion and dedication to his constituents.
It goes without saying, Mr. Sherwin, that your comments about him, and the continued professionalism that flowed through your insightful comments concerning Mr. Monette, is what sets such reporting head and shoulders above the aforementioned types.

Thanks again for your confirmed professionalism.

Lionel L. Laurin

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