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Chantal Désilets

Chantal Désilets is a self-taught photographer living in Orléans. She was first introduced to the medium while taking a cinematography course in high school.

Désilets was immediately capitvated by the ability to capture moments in time and reproduce them for others to enjoy, or keep and catalogue for herself.

In the years following high school she made great strides in developing her own unique technique and ability to record objects and moments in time in a way that evokes a visceral response from the observer.

Désilets has an astounding eye for detail as evident in her series of rodeo and Native Canadian photos. She is also a master of composition and lighting as can be seen in her Parliament series. In fact, Désilets' work is currently being sold along side that of Malak in the Parliament Hill gift shop.

In an age when most people are being pulled in 10 different directions at the same time, few of us have the luxury to stop and take the time to enjoy the beauty that exists all around us.

"As a photographer I feel blessed to be able to document the images many people take for granted or simply don’t have the time to fully appreciate," says Désilets. "Whether it’s the way a shaft of light strikes a blade of grass, the shadows formed by the wind swept ripples on a field of snow, or the multiple shades of amber created by the setting sun on a mountain lake, there is beauty all around us. In capturing these images my only goal is to chronicle and expose life’s composition for the viewer.”

Désilets' favourite quote relating to the art of photography is by the American photographer Michael Fatali.

"Where your feet touch the earth, there is connection. Where your mind travels, there is imagination. Where your eyes look, there is image. Use vision to organize the composition of your life and expose every moment like it counts. Each day is like a photograph... an unexposed sheet of paper waiting to record your mind and soul."

"It's such a beautiful quote. It strikes at the soul of what photography is all about or at least my own personal perception of what photography is all about," says Désilets whose goal is to shoot for humanitarian aid missions and projects to show the world that beauty can be found even in the poorest and most destitute parts of the planet.

One of Désilets' stengths as a professional event photographer is her ability to use those skills which make her an exceptional still life and scenic photographer and apply them to capture an event from every angle.

As a former event planner herself, she also knows what event organizers need in terms of recording the event and then being able to use the images as keepsakes for not only their guests, but their sponsors and suppliers as well.

To view more of Chantal Désilets' work visit www.picsellsinternational.com and browse through the various category galleries. You can also reach her by e-mailing picsellsintl@rogers.com.


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