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Volume 12 Week 5

Thursday, Dec. 13


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Orléans Ward
Matt Luloff

Beacon Hill,
Cyrville Ward
Tim Tierney

Ottawa-Carleton District School Board

High Schools4

Cairine Wilson Secondary School Gr.9-OAC Website
975 Orléans Blvd., Orléans K1C 2Z5
Principal: Kevin Gilmore
Phone: (613) 613-824-4411
Fax: 613-824-5679|
School Council Chair: Susan Woodhouse
School profile:

Colonel By Secondary School Gr.9-OAC Website
2381 Ogilvie Rd., Ottawa K1J 7N4
Principal: Jean Fulton-Hale
Phone: 613-745-9411
Fax: 613-745-4680
School Council Co-Chairs: Charlie Costain and Marie-Claude Meunier
School profile:

Gloucester High School Gr.9-OAC Website
2060 Ogilvie Rd., Ottawa K1J 7N8
Principal: Jennifer Perry
Phone: 613-745-7176
Fax: 613-745-5756
School Council Chair: Dan Rambo
School profile:

Sir Wilfrid Laurier Secondary School Gr.9-OAC Website
1515 Tenth Line Rd., Orléans K1E 3E8
Barry Armstrong
Phone: 613-834-4500
Fax: 613-834-4511
School Council Co-Chairs: Ed Gratton and Lana Kinnie
School profile:

Elementary Schools

Avalon Public School JK-Gr. 7 Website
2080 Portobello Blvd.
Orleans K4A 0K5
Principal: Martina Sherwood
Phone: 613-834-7313
Fax: 613-834-5274
School Council Co-Chairs: Wally Peters & Bill Wackley
School profile:

Carson Grove Elementary School JK-Gr. 5 Website
1404 Matheson Rd. (Carson Grove)
Ottawa K1J 8B5
Principal: Irene Cameron
Phone: 613-745-0195
Fax: 613-745-0291
School profile:

Convent Glen Elementary School SK-Gr.5 Website
1708 Grey Nuns Dr. (Convent Glen South)
Orléans K1C 1C1
Principal: Mari Murray
Phone: 613-824-8177
Fax: 613-824-1714
School profile:

Dunning-Foubert Elementary School JK-Gr.8 Website
1610 Prestwick Dr. (Queenswood Heights)
Orléans K1E 2N1
Principal: Lorna Lashley
Phone: 613-824-5800
Fax: 613-834-6934
School profile:

Emily Carr Middle School Gr.6-8 Website
2681 Innes Rd. (Blackburn Hamlet)
Ottawa K1B 3J7
Principal: Ginette Thibeault
Phone: 613-824-5455
Fax: 613-824-0487
School Council Chair: Erik Leicht
School profile:

Fallingbrook Community Elementary School JK-Gr.8 Website
679 Deancourt Cres., Orléans K4A 3E1
Principal: Christine Lanos
Phone: 613-830-8817
Fax: 613-830-1039
School profile:

Forest Valley Elementary School JK-Gr. 5 Website
1570 Forest Valley Dr. (Chapel Hill)
Orléans K1C 5R6
Principal: Nina Weiler
Phone: 613-824-0733
Fax: 613-824-0737
School Council Chair: Denise Laplantei

School profile:

Glen Ogilvie Public School JK-Gr.5 Website
46 Centrepark Dr. (Blackburn Hamlet)
Ottawa K1B 3C1
Principal: Pamela Bain
Phone: 613-824-4014
Fax: 613-824-5519
School Councikl Chair: Rob Cosh
School profile:

Henry Larsen Elementary School JK-Gr.8 Website
1750 Sunview Dr., Orléans K1C 5B3
Principal: Christine Camus-Shepley
Phone: 613-830-4634
Fax: 613-830-4275
School Council Chair: Susan Heckbert
School profile:

Henry Munro Middle School Gr.6-8 Website
2105 Kender Ave. (Beacon Hill North)
Ottawa K1J 6J7
Principal: Celine Leduc
Phone: 613-748-0060
Fax: 613-749-3187
School Council Chair: Jody Thompson
School profile:

Heritage Public School JK-Gr.8 Website
1375 Colonial Rd., Navan K4B 1N1
Principal: Bruce Hubbard
Phone: 613-835-1700
School profile:

Le Phare Elementary School JK-Gr.5 Website
1965 Naskapi Dr. (Beacon Hill North)
Ottawa K1J 8M9
Principal: Julie Morris
Phone: 613-744-2597
Fax: 613-744-1215
School profile:

Maple Ridge Elementary School Website
1000 Valin St. (Fallingbrook)
Orléans K4A 4B5
Principal: Nicole Guertin-Colverson
Phone: 613-834-1927
Fax: 613-834-6625
School profile:

Orleans Wood Elementary School JK-Gr.6 Website
7859 Decarie Dr., Orléans K1C 2J4
Prinicpal: Melissa Kirkwood
Phone: 613-837-4622
Fax: 613-837-0375
School Council Chair: Tom Breuer
School profile:

Robert Hopkins Public School JK-Gr.5 Website
2011 Glenfern Ave. (Beacon Hill)
Ottawa K1J 6H2
Principal: Mary Conroy
Phone: 613-745-2119
Fax: 613-745-9944
School Council Co-chairs: James Allen and Tracey Pearson
School profile:

Terry Fox Elementary School JK-Gr. 8 Website
6400 Jeanne d'Arc Blvd., Orléans K1C 2S7
Principal: Heather Lawson
Phone: 613-837-3251
Fax: 613-837-7628
School profile:

Trillium Elementary School JK-Gr. 8 Website
1515 Varennes Blvd., Orléans K4A 3S1
Principal: Brenda Spearman
Phone: 613-841-7393
Fax: 613-841-7392

School Council Chair: Kim McDermid

School profile:

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