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IVNTAGE VEHICLE EXPERIENCE from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. at the Cumberland Heritage Village Museum, 2940 Old Montreal Rd. in Cumberland Village. Experience first hand the significance and history of early automobiles in a fun, entertaining, and engaging way! Restored, partially restored, and un-restored vehicles manufactured prior to the 1940s will be exhibited on site. Come chat with the owners, check out a demonstration to learn more about how early automobiles worked, and get an introduction to the world of pre-1940s tin can tourist camping. Complete the day with a performance by a local barbershop quartet!. Admission $19.75 per family (2 adults + children); $7.75 adults; $5.50 seniors, children and students. Children 5 and under are free.

ORLÉANS OUTDOOR MARKET from 12 noon to 6 p.m. in the Ray Frield Centre parking lot on Tenth Line Road. Come meet local vendors and artians from across the east end.

CUMBERLAND FARMERS MARKET from 8 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the R. J. Kennedy Community Centre 1115 Dunning Road in Cumberlans Village. The Cumberland Farmers’ Market features a variety of localy produced vegetables, seasonal fruits and specialty foods.



COLUMN: Decision to cut embassy staff in Cuba es ridiculo

The Liberal government’s recent decision to reduce our embassy in Havana, Cuba to a skeleton staff and severely cut services previously provided to Cuban residents wishing to visit Canada is short-sighted, mean-spirited and wrong. Read more


Classless: June 27, 2019

Normally, I would start this editorial with the words, “Doug Ford is an idiot”, but I won’t because I really want our Conservative-leaning readers to... well... read it.



GUEST COLUMN: Millennials and Centennials alleged failings... who is to blame?

We recently celebrated another 50th birthday amongst our circle of closest friends, now putting all of our crew into the sixth decade of our lives. Amidst this revelry and in other gatherings with work colleagues of the ‘same vintage’, discussion often turns to intergenerational comparisons and sure as day follows night, a lament for those who have come after us. Read more



COLUMN: The battle of Leo Lane – the redux

It’s been two years since the residents of Leo Lane fought bravely against Mother Nature and the Ottawa River before they were finally forced to give into the inevitable and abandon their homes to the rising water.When it comes to the SNC Lavalin debacle the Liberal government has been trying to deal with for the past month or so, I have a somewhat different take on the subject than most. Read more


Community spirit: June 13, 2019

During the past four weeks, I have witnessed acts of selfless community service that have semi-restored my faith in his country and its inhabitants.





OST presents a fresh take on The Wizard of Oz

Final GMC recital serves as rehearsal for Kiwanis Music Festival

Missoula Children’s Theatre returns to Orléans

Local athletes shine at HS track & field championships

NCAFA, Jr. Gee-Gees form elite minor football program

Les Sittelles hosts first annual Brian Leblanc gymnastics meet

Local business



CEDAR VALLEY LEBANESE FOOD: Owners celebrate two years in business




180-FITNESS CENTRE: Home of the Biggest Loser




VIEWPOINT: Decision to cut embassy staff in Cuba es ridiculo


WALTER ROBINSON: Millennials and Centennials alleged failings... who is to blame?


HEATHER JAMIESON: Symphony Senior Living’s Forest Valley Terrace knows how to impress

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