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I think one of the hardest things to get used to when I started this business (Adventure BootCamp/180 Degree Fitness) back in 2007 was dealing with hate mail and haters from time to time. 

Aristotle said it best when he coined:  "There is only one way to avoid criticism:  do nothing, say nothing, and be nothing."

And with the invention of the Internet people are much bolder because they can hide behind their laptops and devices-  which gives them a free pass to say mean and hurtful things that they would NEVER say to you in person.

I've received hate mail, petty threats, legal threats, and even lost a few friends because of things I've written-but I now know this is a direct reflection of how many people I'm helping and serving

You see when you do a great job people MIGHT pat you on the back... they MIGHT tell a friend or two... and they MIGHT give you some credit.

However, when you accidentally do something wrong people will gladly jump on Facebook, Twitter, or reply to an email and shout from the rooftop about what a JERK you are.

It's just the nature of the beast.

No matter what type of good we try to do in this  world some people  will hate us... will make fun of us... will gossip about us... will backstab us.. will take money from us...  & even try to ruin our reputation

It's going to happen to ALL of us at one time or another. SO PLEASE LISTEN UP!  Here is the #1 way to deal with HATERS... It's the story of the Eagle and the "Pesky and Negative Mangy" Crows.

The Eagle's #1 hater is the Mangy Crow. Crows have a reputation for getting together in groups of three and ganging up on the mighty Eagle by attacking him from behind while flying.

But listen closely to how the Eagle handles the attack... Instead of fighting back, the Eagle simply flies higher and higher until it reaches an elevation where the crows can no longer fly.  In other words, the Eagle "rises above" his enemies.

This is probably the best example in the world about how to deal with people who criticize you or try to bring you down. ANY time you find yourself under attack, you basically have two ways you can look: ahead...or behind.

If you look behind, all you'll see are the Mangy Crows pecking at your tail while they drag you down to their level. This will consume your time, your energy,  & take you backwards in life. But if you look ahead and soar higher than your enemies, like the mighty Eagle, the pesky and negative Mangy Crows will have no choice but to go find another Eagle to attack.

And since every single one of us will deal with enemies and haters at some point during our lives, this is some of the best long term advice you can get.

For example, have you ever tried to start a diet and exercise plan, only to have somebody in your close circle try to drag you down to their level because they don't have the drive or ambition to take care of themselves??

We've heard it all from friends and family... "You're no fun anymore."

"Don't you want to try a cookie? One won't hurt you."

"Don't eat that in front of Adrian or Kishara, they're health nuts!"

"C'mon, a little bit won't hurt you." "Can't you just have some fun." yadayadayada... NOISE!  After all, misery loves company.

One thing I figured out a long time ago is that people always want to see you do good in life... They just don't want you to do "better" than them. I also use a rule I call "The 24 Hour Pause Button"... whenever I get hate mail or somebody does something nasty behind my back, I always wait 24 hours before I react or respond. Why? Because the emotion of being hurt and taking it personal will diminish dramatically in 24 hours. This gives you time to calm down so your response will be much more rational and  logical-instead of emotional.

Besides, nothing is first as it appears anyway. Giving it a day or two before reacting will give you much greater perspective and discernment. Remember, H.A.T.E.R. is just an acronym for: 

Having Anger Towards Everyone Reaching Success. :-)   Don't ever, EVER give up your dreams  and fitness goals-no matter how much you're criticized. Rise above the haters, keep going strong & shake it off ;) 

Your friend and coach,

Adrian "Be-an-Eagle" Delorey

Facebook: www.facebook.com/180fitnesscanada?fref=ts

Website: www.180fitness.ca


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